Spring Family Session- Black Bayou- The Bryd Family

Well this family is to be given cheers all around for enduring some very untamable winds on this day and so we had to cut our session short but we still grabbed a few cute snuggly ones with this beautiful family! Emily and Taylor were so easy to get along and we became very fast friends!

LouisianaFamily_Byrd's_BlackBayou_0001 LouisianaFamily_Byrd's_BlackBayou_0002 LouisianaFamily_Byrd's_BlackBayou_0003 LouisianaFamily_Byrd's_BlackBayou_0004 LouisianaFamily_Byrd's_BlackBayou_0005 LouisianaFamily_Byrd's_BlackBayou_0006 LouisianaFamily_Byrd's_BlackBayou_0007 LouisianaFamily_Byrd's_BlackBayou_0008 LouisianaFamily_Byrd's_BlackBayou_0009 LouisianaFamily_Byrd's_BlackBayou_0010 LouisianaFamily_Byrd's_BlackBayou_0011

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