Oak Tree Maternity Session- Pineville,LA- The Hensgens

I adore these two sweet people so very much. I knew Allyson’s brother-in-law Jake Dugard while I attended Tech (btw Jake is an insane graphic artist you should check him out www.makersunion.com) his sweet wife Stephanie is Allyson’s sister and Stephanie makes incredible jewelry by the way! Allyson and I hit it off immediately when we met through mutual friends and she was a bridesmaid in one of the weddings I shot two years ago! We laughed incessantly and discussed our love for photography, I got to see her and Heath fall in love, and they were married last June and are now expecting a beautiful bundle of joy in May! And yes its going to be a surprise they are keeping the gender a secret until the big moment which I kind of love! These two are the most genuine, kindest, loving people you will ever meet and this baby will be loved so much it may just be overflowing with the biggest heart! I am so honored I got to capture a few tiny moments of this part of pregnancy and Allyson is just stunning (yes she rocks the jean look like a vogue model). So very excited for you guys and all the wonderful that is headed your way, thank you for letting me be a part and enduring some rain for a little sprinkle session.

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