Classic Inspired Engagement- Monroe,LA- Amy and Fred

I’ve grown up with five of the best friends in the world. We have 15 years of friendship among us, sleepover’s, late night coffee chats, movie dates, road trips, church, and all the in between. We have since garnered even more close friends along the years who have become our bestie as well, but it started with the original 5 musketeers. We just married off the second bride Mallory in February and now the third up is Amy Elizabeth!

Amy is a beautiful spirit on the inside and out. She has a heart of gold, a heart that gives and pours out to all those she keeps close. Her ability to be present and listen out of love is her steadfast anchor. She is real and speaks truth in the midst of those who would never tell you otherwise. She is witty, humorous and full of spontaneity when she needs to be! In all my years of spending time with Amy I’ve seen the relationships she has had never really bring the full Amy spectrum out until she met Fred.

She has been more herself, her true quirky, goofy and beautiful soul in all the parts that make her Amy, when she has been with Fred. He brings out her best. He strengthens the best parts of who she is and allows her to shine. He adores Amy with unconditional love and respect for everything she offers the good and the bad. When they say you know you found the “one”, it was so true when sitting across from Ames at dinner one night she stated with a sweet tender smile and teared up eyes that she was going to marry Freddie I knew it could be no one else but him.

She had found the one who let her be her, all the exceedingly wonderful parts of Amy Elizabeth that everyone values so much.

Freddie thank you for loving my friend this way. Thank you for treasuring her spirit and her heart. Thank you for letting her be weird and crazy with us, and enjoying the group along the way of all our insane moments. We are so excited to have you be a part of our crew and adding into the guys gang of Caleb and Garrett too! I am so excited I got to document this time for you guys and even more so blessed to call you both friend. I can’t wait to stand next to you on your wedding day Ames it will be a true honor!

Enjoy the photos you guys and Billy really makes them all come together in the end!


LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0001 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0002 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0003 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0004 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0005 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0006 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0007 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0008 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0009 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0010 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0011 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0012 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0013 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0014 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0015 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0016 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0017 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0018 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0019 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0020 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0021 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0022 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0023 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0024 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0025 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0026 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0027 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0028 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0029 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0030 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0035 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0031 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0032 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0033 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0034 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0036 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0037 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0038 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0039 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0040 LouisianaEngagement_MadMenInspired_AmyandFred_0041

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