Aly’s Fight- Capturing a Miracle- Genevieve’s Story

Miracle-an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.

Miracles come in all forms, all shapes, all circumstances in which they affect the seasons in our lives. They are extraordinary in measure. They are rare untouchable moments in which our natural mind has no reasoning for  explanation. For some people they may feel they have never experienced or seen a miracle. For others it feels like tiny miracles occur everyday. The tiny glimpses of God’s goodness and faithfulness finding their way into our daily lives.

For me I’ve seen a handful of truly miraculous moments. But to capture one was a whole different playing field. To realize you were bringing to life in a timeless photograph, what two people had prayed for over the past two and half years, was humbling, scary and genuine in its rawness and depth.

 This was a session with a gentle beautiful reminder of the stories I am so gracious enough to be involved in everyday.  They are stories of heartache, pain, joy, laughter and love of people from different places, backgrounds and circumstances. Photography creatively grasps more than just the first appearance, but garners the emotions of a life in one moment.

A whisper of humanity.

A moment when Aly held Genevieve in their master bedroom and she just kept saying: “Hey there, sweet baby girl, mommy is here.”

Most people would never think anything of it. But those words screamed GOD IS FAITHFUl, when cancer thought it would steal Aly’s motherhood. They shouted out PRAYER WORKS, when adoption looked like it would be extinguished in the final moments. They exclaimed in joy LOVE iS HERE, when God reigns over all.

I got to capture a miracle.

I got to document life happening for a family who almost didn’t see bringing home Baby G as an option. But the biggest miracle was how they touched my life. The perseverance of their steadfast faith they showed. The promises they clinged to when hope seemed lost. The testament to His goodness in the kisses and snuggles they gave Genevieve.

This session was a life altering one. The impossible is possible. Our God always answers and is always present. Sometimes the answer maybe no, but He is constant.

As a photographer never have I been more overjoyed to capture a moment for a family than I was on this day. A day when moments of forever were forged with faith and trust in a God who had brought them their miracle. These photographs are a testament to a God of bigger possibilities, unending love, and the extraordinary power to change lives.

These photographs, I hope, will be a memory to the Taylor family for the rest of their days of their first moments spent at home with Genevieve Rose. But they should also serve as a sweet whisper to us all when we see them that our precious Jesus is good. He intends for us to have exceedingly above all we can ask. It may be a different route or journey to get there but He is faithful till the end.

A special heartfelt thank you to Aly and Josh for letting me bring this beautiful time with their sweet girl to life through these images. I am so glad you won an auction to have a session with me almost a year ago, (and actually took me up on it lol). The instant God connection and friendship is one I will ever be thankful for and privileged to know you both. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into telling others your story so they too may be full of faith in the God of the possible! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

To hear more of Aly’s story if you haven’t already go to also Aly just wrote an incredible book you can buy here titled : “How Cancer Made Me a Mommy” –


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