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I always thought I would become a journalist. I dreamed of roaming the college football sidelines for ESPN since I was 8.  I thought if I couldn’t make it as the next Erin Andrews, I would do public relations for a university athletic department or athletic organization. Little did I know that photography was about to change my life.

I had casually been shooting with a camera since high school fiddling with making videos and photos for close friends & family. After graduating from Louisiana Tech (Go Dawgs), I started a corporate job working as a marketing rep. I discovered it wasn’t fulfilling, and I was miserable. I needed to create, to be with people, to tell stories and find the beauty of this thing called life.

So in probably one of the hardest seasons of life I prayed God would open a door to work I could love, a career where I could use my gifts, and a industry where I could be a light.

So in the fall of 2011, a great guy friend of mine offered up an opportunity to shoot his best friend’s wedding in Dallas.  In a spontaneous whim, and with no wedding experience or knowledge, I went to photograph a complete stranger’s day.

I fell in love with weddings, with the ability to enter into the intimate, special days of someone’s life, and freeze these real moments for them for forever. I had found my place.  I shot two more weddings that fall, and prayed that if this was my calling I needed 15+ weddings for 2012 to make a significant reason to quit my day job. By January, I had 12 weddings booked for 2012, and a new found adventure which has brought me the greatest lessons, hard days, joys and happiness over the past 7 years.

Since then, I have had the chance of capturing and telling the beautiful, rich, unique love stories of over 150+ couples. They have warmed my soul, they have inspired me and each of them has entrusted me in documenting their authentic love.

Unveiled Radiance is about capturing the true essence of the human experience in all the [happy everything] moments of life. I am so thankful for the job I’ve been blessed with and the opportunity to engage in the lives of so many.

1}. I adore sweatpants

2}. Canon, my puppy man, is kind of my obsession.

3}. I would become a professional school supply shopper if I could.

4}. Travel is always my jam! I love finding new places to explore.

5}. Coffee, chips & salsa, and popcorn can always be found in my pantry!

6}. My closet is color coordinated (OCD much?)

7}. I can pretty much sing the lyrics to most any Disney song and 90’s worship, but anything else is fair game for me to makeup my own lyrics to the song.

8}. I have a secret obsession with broadway musicals.

9}. I’m an Enneagram 3

10}. Christmas should happen all the time. The End.




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