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Rustic Romance Spring Wedding- Monroe,LA- Clay and Lauren

A first look is quite simply one of my most favorite moments as a wedding photographer. Its quiet just the stillness of waiting and anticipation. It is the culmination of such a long journey of planning, getting together vendors, meetings and everything in between. The details of it all is sometimes hectic but when the bride and groom finally get to be alone in the stillness of the moment it is quite simply perfection. Whether it be under a tree or going down the aisle they will say I do at the first look is full of life, emotions, love and forever.

Lauren and Clay’s first look was pushed inside because of rain and I was a little worried because of lighting but then I realized it wasn’t about setting up the perfect shot in the world but it was about two people coming together for the first time in their wedding dress and spiffy suits in their last moments before saying yes to forever together. It is about the love shared between two people meant to be together. And I adored this intimate sweet day Lauren and Clay had together full of their closest friends and family. They know how to party the night away too!

So thankful to have been apart of this wonderful day for these two sweet and kind souls!

Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0001+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0002+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0003+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0004+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0005+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0006+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0007+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0008+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0009+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0010+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0011+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0012+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0013+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0014+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0015+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0016+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0017+

Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0036 (1)+

Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0018+

Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0037 (1)+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0038 (1)+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0039 (1)+

Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0019+

Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0040 (1)+

Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0020+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0021+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0022+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0023+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0024+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0025+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0026+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0027+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0028+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0029+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0030+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0031+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0032+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0033+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0034+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0035+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0036+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0037+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0038+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0039+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0040+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0041+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0042+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0043+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0044+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0045+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0046+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0047+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0048+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0049+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0050+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0051+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0052+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0053+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0054+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0055+ Rustic Indoor Wedding_Monroe,LA_Lauren&Clay_0056+


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