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Historic St. Francisville Engagement- Matt & Ashley

We were fated to be friends. One of my best friends Bristen moved to Baton Rouge almost 5 or so years ago to pursue ministry aspirations and attend school at LSU. While she was there she met Ashley Dupuy at an internship for a church ministry school they were both attending at the time. Bristen kept telling me about this roommate that reminded her so much of me, we even favored in looks, style and definitely our personalities. So finally one weekend I came to hangout with Bris in Baton Rouge and got to meet my twinsie as we call each other. Instantaneous friendship.

Ashley and I hit it off so well I think we laughed so hard for a solid 20 minutes just to enjoy a good laugh at pretty much nothing but ourselves. This girl has the kindest and most joyous heart. She adores life and the people in it. I am so glad for the Jesus connection to have brought us together and its amazing almost five years later being able to photograph her wedding this coming May.

Ashley and Matt are as sweet as the best Southern tea you have ever had. They are soft and quiet in their love, but so smitten it almost makes you sick they like each other that much! They are a natural fit for one another. Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be a part of this special time and can’t wait for all God has ahead for you both!

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