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From Holland With Love- Shreveport,LA- Julianne & Tim

“There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved” – Charles Morgan

The magic of falling in love is sometimes overfilled by in society today. Its fabricated into the whimsical mystery of Disney princesses and Notebook fairy-tale. Love though when found often does feel as if you were thrust into the magic of its being. And yes Love is magic but not in Hollywood’s terminology. Love is quietly given, forgiving and full of understanding. Love is waiting. Love resembles hope and heals. Love protects with passion and inner strength. Love is vibrant and adventurous. Love doesn’t carry the title of perfection but does no wrong.

Love is magic. A magic of real, raw unconditional character that veils itself with love’s trusty cape. It surprises us when we find it or sometimes slowly discovers a flame that has brewed for ages. All in all the beautiful wonder of love is the magic of what it defines in us and in the others we find to share it with over our lifetime.

For Julianne and Tim, a trip from Holland to Louisiana for Tim brought love to them both. The love they both had for a beautiful Savior led them to a future mate they hadn’t a clue they’d find at an internship in Baton Rouge several years ago. But love found its way, as it usually does. And now Julianne and Tim will be saying I DO in July with a bit of magical love in their midst.

I was so truly honored Julianne asked me to be able to document their engagements for them in Shreveport. It was an absolutely lovely Louisiana evening for us! We couldn’t have asked for better weather and I couldn’t have asked for any two more stylish, fashionable, sweet and in love people!

Seriously just wait until you see the red outfit. This photographer almost had a fainting spell of this beauty in her last outfit!

Julianne and Tim thank you for being so sweet & almost too easy to photograph and for letting me shoot this special time for you both!

The tulips in some of the pictures are Holland’s most famous flower, which is where Tim is from!


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