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-Kaylyn & Ethan

Jackson Hole, WY- Jenny Lake

Destination Elopement

I had always dreamed of having Angela photograph my wedding one day. When Ethan and I decided to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to get married I knew that was not a feasible dream anymore but I still wanted her to take our engagement pictures. From the moment I mentioned to Angela that we were planning to do a destination wedding she was so supportive. Because of that we did whatever we had to do to make sure that she was able to come with us. Angela flew to Wyoming on a Sunday morning after shooting a wedding in Louisiana the night before. By Monday morning at 9:00 she was ready to be the vibrant, spirited person that she is. She was ready to make our wedding day the best day of our lives. Trust me when I tell you that she did this and more. I know that it would not have been any less special without Angela, but having her there made us feel like we were at home even though we were hundreds of miles away. Being without family or friends on your wedding day is a personal choice but it does not make it any less hard. Any time I think of how special she helped make that day my eyes fill with tears. My husband had only met Angela one time prior to our wedding day. He is usually quiet and reserved when around new people. You would have thought that Ethan and Angela had known one another their entire lives. We talk about her like she is a member of our family. To us, she really is. She and her assistant, Taylor, joined us for dinner after our wedding. The two of them made toasts and sang Otis Redding songs to us until closing time. They gave us a “reception” at a random restaurant in the square of Jackson Hole. I know that I am bias, but I do not think there is a better photographer out there. It takes talent to take beautiful pictures, but it takes a heart of gold to help two people feel loved the way that she did on the most important day of their lives. I sing her praises whenever I can and would recommend her to anyone. Especially if you and your fiancé are planning on doing a destination wedding. I give you my word that it will be one of the best decisions you ever make.


~Katy & Andy (April 2016)

Ruston,LA – Chapel Wedding

Southern Soiree

Angela of Unveiled Radiance was so much more than just a photographer to Andy and I throughout the time we were engaged! I first met her at a coffee shop in Shreveport to pick her brain. I was so nervous, but when I met her and realized how cool and laid back she was and truly had a passion for wedding photography, things took off from there! Andy was nervous about taking engagement pictures, but Angela was fabulous! She told us everything we needed to do without making him or I feel uncomfortable. She became a friend to me throughout our engagement, if there was any vendor question I had she knew the answer and always helped me when I needed direction on anything else! Our wedding day was nothing short of amazing and most of that credit goes to Angela. She did her thing, while we did ours! I could not wait to get our wedding photos back, and although Angela was swamped in the midst of wedding season, she got them back to us in a timely manner! Angela is so very talented and I would recommend her to anyone!


~Emma & Gabe (June 2016)

Natchez, MS – Dunlieth Plantation

Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding during my first year of professional school didn’t allow me to spend every waking minute planning my wedding (which was really a blessing in disguise). With that said, I honestly chose Unveiled Radiance to be our wedding photographer after very little research. However, I think I could have searched high and low, but never found anyone else like Angela. My husband, like most I’m sure, wasn’t looking forward to “fake, awkward poses”…so I loved that Angela never forced anything. Her contagious joy and lively personality made our entire experience completely natural and fun. From helping steam a dress for engagement pictures to making sure my hair was just right for bridals to truly celebrating our wedding (while taking gorgeous pictures, of course) she turned out to be so much more than the average wedding photographer. It’s nice to find a professional in any field that excels in their practice, but they are incomparable to one that excels in what they do and has a passion for it. Angela is incomparable, and we look forward to working with her for many more of life’s future occasions.

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