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Aubrey Hall Romance Pastel Wedding- Monroe,LA- Erica & Jamie

Time is a silly thing. It comes quickly and we wish it would slow down, it goes slowly and we wish for its speedy return. Time plays tricks on us. It is our dearest companion and devil’s advocate. Time finds us all, none of us can escape it or change its limits of forever. Time moves on from the first breath we breathe until our last leaves us, and the crazy thing is time will never go away.

Time just like love remains. It’s an immovable, unshakeable element. Love may not come when we wish or comes when we do not expect it. Just like time it can be our companion or we can wish it would leave us alone. Love it can’t be altered or changed , its limitless capacity to come in so many forms is the beauty of its character. Whether a love for a lifelong friend, a parent, a teacher who inspired your dreams, a coach who pushed you to seek excellence, a compassionate love for a stranger, a mother’s love when she first sees her child and a love for a forever & always. Love find us all in the ways we wish and the ones we don’t even realize or see. It moves sweetly and with grace. It comes in a burning flame and in the flash of a second in time. Love never fails. Its consistency and constant shelter is the safe haven of being in its grasp. Love blossoms in time. Time and Love carry a kindred soul with one another, they awaken things inside us for various reasons, they stay in circumstance and throughout the journey of this life.

For Erica & Jamie time & love grew over the years of dating since Erica was 15 and had only ever seen Jamie as a friend of her brothers & her family. Time transformed friendship into a patient, beautiful love story, with distance and dreams in their sights but love always as an advocate for their story to be one for the books. Through Jamie’s career in minor league and Erica pursuing her PT degree they conquered long distance, they conquered long nights and the moments when they wished time would hurry up for the day they would get to say I Do. After eight or so … years, Jamie proposed to Erica and she said Yes to time with him for the rest of their days.

Erica & Jamie are two of the most precious people I have ever met. Erica has become more than just an exuberant & wonderful client, but a sweet friend. Her ability to see the wonderful in everything, to look with the excitement of fresh eyes at anything thrown her way and her vigor & zeal for living life to the fullest! Jamie you carry a quiet strength and servant’s heart wherever you go. You love Erica in the most honorable and protective way. Your smile when you see her makes it like you two are the only one’s in the room. The way your bridal party spoke of you both displayed the quality of both of your character’s in such high esteem.

I am so happy to have had God setup this divine chance to work with you both and get to hangout with your families, friends and enjoy a night when time may have stood still, when love reigned supreme and a day you both waited for time to bring came true on a beautiful lovely December night!

This wedding is detailed full of overflow I just couldn’t leave too much out!!! The amazing backdrop designed by Erica’s mom is just to die for… literally I almost died when I saw it I was so excited! Aubrey Hall played host to this extravagantly romantic evening & a finale fit for us to end 2014 out with a bang! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of your story!


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