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All About Angela

angela__54+I always thought I would become a journalist. I dreamed of roaming the college football sidelines for ESPN. I worked hard to finish college in 3 years and graduated with a double major in Journalism & Political Science. I thought if I couldn’t make it in sports as the next Erin Andrews, or I would do public relations for a politician (and rock my inner best Reese Witherspoon).

Photography hadn’t made its light known to me yet. I casually shot since high school fiddling with making videos and photos for close friends & family. After graduating from Louisiana Tech (Go Dawgs), I started a corporate job working as a marketing rep. I discovered it wasn’t my cup of tea at all. I needed to create, to be with people, to tell stories and find the beauty of this thing called life.

So in probably one of the hardest seasons of life I prayed and hoped God would open a door for the finances of life to be taken care of in addition to getting to work in a career I would love for the rest of my days.

So with fear of failure looming, and scared to pieces I shot my first wedding with no experience or knowledge in Dallas,TX in September of 2011. God exploded my faith in such a way after my first three weddings in 2011. I soon realized this was where I needed to be but not without failures, tears, gripping stress and anxiety of never being good enough, but the light found me.

Since 2011 I have had the honor of capturing and telling the beautiful love stories of over 100 couples. They have warmed my soul to the wonder and power of real, authentic love.

Unveiled Radiance is about capturing the true essence of the human experience in all the [happy everything] moments of life. I am so thankful for the job and talent God has so incredibly blessed me with and the opportunity to engage in the lives of so many.



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