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601 Spring Bridals- Shreveport,LA- Amy

My beautiful best friend got married this past weekend! I had the honor of getting to shoot her bridals since I actually was involved in the wedding, one of few I haven’t been shooting lol! Amy is an absolute stunner in every way. She is so graceful and a classic beauty in so many ways but beyond that she is truly a gem on the inside. She is a loyal friend and listens when you need her to or dances or hugs! So happy for her finding her best friend Freddie and I wish you both God’s blessings ahead on this new journey!

601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0001+

601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0002+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0003+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0004+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0005+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0006+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0007+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0008+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0009+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0010+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0011+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0012+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0013+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0014+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0015+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0016+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0017+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0018+ 601 Spring Bridals_Shreveport,LA_Amy_0019+


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